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The “Wild Side”: Gallery

On the other side of Cozumel, away from the cruise ships and stores, there lies the "wild side" of the Island. Virtually untouched, this part of Cozumel has long strips of beach and land, wildlife, and vegetation. With all kinds of places to explore, you can spend an entire day on this side of the… Continue reading The “Wild Side”: Gallery

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Sunday Fiesta at Plaza Central

Cozumel Island is a unique place where the culture of the Mexican people will make you feel welcome and at home virtually everywhere you go.  Sundays in Cozumel are a break from the usual daily chaos of cruise ship tourism.  Plaza Central in San Miguel comes to life every Sunday evening with music, food, dancing and art.  What… Continue reading Sunday Fiesta at Plaza Central

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Have your chocolate and eat it too: Kaokao Chocolate Factory

Mexico is known for its ancient love of chocolate. Have you ever wondered how this obsession came to be, or how the Mayans used to make their beloved treat? Well, there is no better way than a tour of the Kaokao Chocolate Factory! You'll fist learn all about the root of chocolate in Mexico's history. Chocolate… Continue reading Have your chocolate and eat it too: Kaokao Chocolate Factory


The World’s Only- the Cozumel Raccoon

Cozumel is home to some pretty amazing creatures... and the Cozumel raccoon is certainly one of them. This species of raccoon only lives on the island. These raccoons are smaller than common raccoons, and have a distinct golden striped tail. These animals are usually pretty nocturnal, and solitary. Their diet consists of crabs, fruit, frogs, lizards,… Continue reading The World’s Only- the Cozumel Raccoon


Where do the people of Cozumel get their food?

  On the island of Cozumel, Stop & Shops and Walmarts are hard to come by. So where do local people get their groceries? Well the majority of residents will go to the local MEGA, a two story grocery mart. That's right- two stories! This store features an awesome bakery section, with all kinds of… Continue reading Where do the people of Cozumel get their food?